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industrial water pumps relocating a pond

About Us

After several years as the national sales manager for North America & Canada, our founder Jim Thompson identified valuable opportunities within the industry.

Jim Thompson receives the Arthur C. Daman Lifetime Achievement Award

Jim Thompson receives the Arthur C. Daman Lifetime Achievement Award

Many distributors lacked technical expertise to serve customers in a timely fashion, didn’t value customer relationships and would tell customers what they wanted to hear regardless of truth. Jim saw how these behaviors failed to meet customer demands and jumped at the opportunity to build on the witnessed best practices and improve pitfalls when he opened Pumps Plus, Inc. in March 1984. Jenny Pergola, Jim’s daughter, joined Pumps Plus in November 2007 after five years in another industry. In January 2023 she purchased the business from Jim. We continue to thrive in being knowledgeable about our product offering, listening to customer needs, being able to provide technically creative solutions and responding to customers in a timely fashion – all things we desire when we are the customer!

Through the years, Pumps Plus has been honored to work domestically as well as on projects in Mexico, Canada, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Peru, and throughout many more Central and South American countries. Our local territory includes Colorado, Eastern Wyoming, Northern New Mexico, and parts of Nebraska and Kansas.

It is a great joy to help customers solve the “black box” that pumps often are viewed as and to see the correct application to create customer success. Helping a customer through a challenge makes our day!

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